How to Customizing Template

After having trouble for almost 12 hours, finally I could change my blog skin with new template. I got the solution from Blogger Help Group. I joined the group and raised questions under the topic discussion: “Customizing Template”. Seasons from California, who had similar trouble, informed me how to solve the problem

These are some advices from Seasons:

1.Try using a different browser to change the template
2.Try clearing the cache
3.If all else fails, delete all the adsense and counter etc widgets. Then uploaded the new template.
4.After new template worked, if you want, add the widgets again.

Thanks to Seasons for sharing information. For everyone who had similar trouble in customizing your blog's template, you can try it. Hope its works like mine.

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Seasons said...

aww hey thanks for linking to my page :) Just saw it.
You've done a great job with the header and tabs and all!