Why your post not on the Blog Indonesia’s list?

Few weeks ago I change my blog’s template and posted two articles: “European Union Export Helpdesk” and “Under Reconstruction”. In the beginning, I did not aware if those two articles did not appear on the Blog Indonesia’s list. I was just thinking that the Blog Indonesia’s server is overloaded or just delays the update. I realized that my post not on the list when I visited my personal list and did not found those two articles. Why those two articles did not come up? Is it related to my changes of language or are there any other reasons?

To know the answer, I click Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) provided by Blog Indonesia. On the FAQ number three (Can any blog be listed in Blog-Indonesia?), I found the answer that as long as the blog is written by, or if not, write about Indonesia, the blog could be listed in Blog Indonesia. So my question which related to language is not valid anymore.

Then I went to FAQ number six (My blog has been on queue for long time, and still not yet listed?). I found that the answer is reasonable. It is mentioned that when you change your blog template, you accidentally erase the link to your blog’s feed. It’s mentioned too that Blog Indonesia will be unable to contact the blog to read its content. Aha! I though this is the main reason why my two posts did not appear on the list.

So what you should do if it’s happen? According to the Blog Indonesia’s administrator, we should check the link to your feed and make sure it exists. According to them, it happens that even the blog has feed, the feed is not valid. Invalid feed cannot be read by Blog Indonesia and they will be unable to get any data from the blog. If they cannot read the blog's feed, blog cannot be included in the list. In this regard, in order to avoid uncertainty regarding the validity of the blog, the administrator also suggested checking it by using http://feedvalidator.org/.

Is it work? Well I have checked my blog and I found that my post concerning Gouda Pottery is already on the list. But for another trial and error process, we hope that we can find this article in their latest update.

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